Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thank You, It's Successful!

It's been a week since I launched thiis blog of minee and I'm so happy on the result. Because on the opening day you gime a boost guys. I mean, I got so many hits here and also got I got many traffic here because of all of you guys.

And also because of all of you guys the launching date and day of this blog of mine was so successful.That's why, I made this post of mine today to thanked you all. Thank you so uch guys for the the time and to the effort you given to my blog and also guys thanked you so much too for the comments.

I'm not expected to get more and high traffic here and to get 20 or more comments in one blog post. Thank you so much guys, I know that saying the word "thank you" is not enough but I hope you like my way to how I show my appreciation and my simple way of my thankfulness. Once again guys, thank you so much. Thank you so much for the support guys.

Anyway guys, to all blogger who asked me if why I left and why I back here at, this is my simple answer. I never left or leave wordpress I'm still had a blog powered by wordpess and my main blog is still there, still running, still up and still active.

And the reason of mine, why  I create and why I back hereat is just for fun. I mean since blogger/blogspot is my first blog platform ever I used when I become blogger and having own blog site. I just missed blogger, that's why I make new one.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Welcome World!

Hello blogger’s out there, welcome to my little world. Hope everyone of us is fine and happy this day.

This is not my first time here at, i had so many blog i owned here before but after a long time i decide to move in wordpress platform. And now i’m here again to build a blog again and to blogged here after so long years.

I know that the layout i’m using here now is so familiar to you guys because i already used it on my old blog here before and decide to used it again now. What do you think guys? Sorry it’s so pink and so girly but i really like it and i really love it. Hope you like it too, guys.

Anyway guys, sorry if the header of mine is looks messy because of the name of my blog and also because of the tagline. I’m really sorry of it guys. I’ll try my best to hide it and to remove it.

For now, just enjoy my new blog and enjoy your staying here. And i hope you support this blog of mine too. And stay tune guys, for more updates here and to more adding and to totally fixing this blog of mine. Thank you so much guys in advance. God bless you all and have a nice day everyone.