Monday, May 26, 2014

What A Shocking News?

I was so shocked when I known and when I read all the comments on my last blog post here that my fellow bloggers which is the owner of blog was passed away a couple of days ago. I never known that Cyndee the owner of blog is having a sick and hospitalized. She never post on her blog about on what happen on her in a real life.

Now I know the reason why the blogmeme or should I say the challenge she created on her blog is not yet starting. And it's so sad to know that the challenge and the meme is never to start and also it's so sad to know that she is passing away. Condolence to her relatives, friends and especially to her husband and to kids. 

Hope her husband and kids are ok and they surpass and cope this unexpected happen to their loved one. Anyways, I never known Cyndee in person but I know she is so kind person. I hope she is happy and ok whenever she is now.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

#DareToWrite Challenge

It's been a long time since the last time I joined a writing challenge and a blog meme like this one, I mean like this wonderful and beautiful writing challenge in blogosphere. As fas a I remember the last time I joined was last year, year of 2013 and at that time my blog site was

And also at that time, the first title of this challenge was #ChallengeToWrite and of course guys it was also owned and hosted by Cyndee of And now, this year of 2014 the challenge is had new title and it's back again on the blogosphere. Yeah guys, is hosting new challenge and the new title of this challenge is #DareToWrite.

#DareToWrite is also looks like the old one and to the first challenge. Everyday all the members of this challenge or should I say this blogmeme is always needed to made a blog post on her/his blog site, I mean guys, on the blog site you join and you register for the challenge with the topic for the day, I mean topic of the day. And each day and everyday the challenge is always had different topic.

Mmmmm, I'm so excited and I can't wait on this challenge. #DareToWrite is so helpful and so favorable to me as blogger and blog owner. I said this because I had two (2) blog site's now and going to three (3), lol. And I know and we know that having two or more site's is not so easy and also we all know that having different blog post or blog update on our blogs are so hard and not easy. And also it's so hard and not easy to maintain and always have an update and blog post everyday especially now I had little angel.

Anyways, based on what I said and what I read on blog, the #DareToWrite challenge is starting this month of May, May 1rst but until now it's not yet up and starting, I don't know why? I think it's because Cyndee the owner of this blogmeme is so busy on her offline and on her personal life. I hope the challenge will start soon.

Anyways, the challenge is so perfect to me because I can practice my English and my grammar. As you can see guys, I'm not a good writer and my grammar and my English is so bad and not so good, in short guys, it's so poor. I wish and I hope I can do that, lol. Being a good writer and being perfect in English is one of my dream and my wish.

Oh! By the way guys, this kinds of meme and challenge is for everyone and open to all bloggers and blog owners all over the world. Anyone and everyone can join, the more is the better, lol. And also guys, on this challenge once or should I say if you want to join, one blog site only per blogger or per blog owner.

So what are you waiting for guys, join and be one of us and start to challenge yourself too, guys. See you there guys.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Thank You Globe!!!

The free facebook promo of Globe is now over and everything are back to normal again. Because of this promo I'm become active on my facebook account. I'm always online there because I'm using it in chatting. My husband and I are always chatting each other via facebook messenger and this is our way of our communication.

This promo is so helpful to me and I think to others globe users too. That's why I made this post of mine today to just say Thank You So Much Globe for the long free facebook promo. Thank you so much Globe for the wonderful promo, more promo to come and god bless to your company.

It's a short update and short blog post here today and that's it for now. I just want to show my appreciation to what Globe company gave to us, to all their customers. Once again thank you so much Globe.