Monday, October 20, 2014

My Mother’s Favorite Food Seasoning?!?

My mother’s favorite food seasoning is Maggi Magic Sarap. Everytime she cook she never forget to add that said seasoning to all our foods. And everytime we do a grocery the first item she always looking and getting is that said products. In short guys, my mother is love it so much and her day is not complete and all the food she cooks is not complete and not yummy if this seasoning is not added.

That’s why i made this blog post of mine today about on this product because i heard on the news that this product is had a fake too and i want to be aware on that especially my mother, oh god.

Because of that i do a little research about this product if is the difference of the fake one to the original. We don’t recognize it in the first because the packaging is same the original, lol. But when you open it and you smell it you know that it was a fake.

Based on what i research, you can figured i mean you can known if the product is fake or not via test the product i mean before you used you check it first. Open the pack then smell it and and see the color. The original product is so yello and shiny and glossy while the fake product is looks like “putik” i mean the color is looks like black or should i say grayish.

Anyways, i found a picture on google to describe most the fake and the original. And here is the picture.

And i try to search it on youtube and i’m lucky to found one. Here is the video, watch and be aware guys.

Disclaimer: All the photos and videos posted here is not mine. The photo/images is from while the video is from youtube. So the images are credit to the owner and the video too.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

So Fast, Amazing?!?

Good morning blogging world and good morning everyone. This post of mine today is suppossed to be a blog post yesterday i mean last day but because of bad weather yesterday afternoon i decide to re-post it today.

Because of thunderstorm yesterday all my gadgets are all off even my pocket wifi. I'm so afraid on thunder that's why i always do that thing. Anyways, back to the topic of this post of mine.

I'm so happy yesterday and still amazed and still unbelievable. Last Wednesday Sept. 24, i ordered a cosmetics and a brush set on Instagram Seller and Store which is Iliketoshopbylorifrance. And as far as i remember i paid that order too at that time.

Then yesterday morning Iliketoshopbylorifrance vibed me and give the tracking number to me but i'm so shock when the parcel is arrived yesterday afternoon. Wow, a very big WOW, the transaction and the delivery service is so so fast and so great and amazing.

I don't know what i can say but JRS courier company is had a best, fast and great services. This is the service i'm loo king in a courier.

Anyways, thank you so much Lori and Frances owner of Iliketoshopbylorifrance for the fast and smooth transaction and thank you so much too to your kindness.

By the way guys, here is the item i ordered and i bought in Iliketoshopbylorifrance instagram store and seller. Thank you so much dear. All the items are both in good conditions. And also thanks to JRS company who delivered my items here at our house so fast.

Stay tuned on my review about those products. Thank you.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Always Take Care Of Yourself?

This blog post of mine tonight is for my husband. I made this just for him because I miss him a lot although. My husband is not here now, he was already on Brazil to work there again. He was leaving and flight last Wednesday night of this year to back in that said country.

My husband is a OFW in the country of Brazil. He is a skilled worker there, I mean he is a Welder there. He was come home last June 24 and now he is back in that country. Oh my god, another months again we wait before we see him again and before we get together again.

This is not the first time of my husband to work outside my country which is Philippines and work in abroad but we are not yet "sanay". I hope he is fine now and he is in hotel now and resting. For you "mahalq" always take care of yourself and always pray. We love you so much.

I love you so much, don't worry about us we are fine and ok. And please don't forget to inform me if where are you now and if you is in Brazil already.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bubblews Is Had New Look?

Good morning blogging world. How's everyone after the Typhoon Glenda? Hope everyone are fine and safe. Anyways, yesterday night I bubbling in bubblews and found that bubblews had look now. Yeah guys that said website is have new look now. Now I know the reason why I can't bubbling these past few days.

Since last Sunday after I submit my last post there except my post yesterday night I never publish and submit any news there I mean any post there. Everytime I tried to submit new article there I always encountered glitches and errors there. I hope this time that had new look now is no more glitches and errors.

I try to post and submit new update in bubblews last night and it was ok and there's no glitches not like before except i can't share my update in my Twitter and my Facebook social accounts. The only thing I can say on the new look and new face of bubblews now is so nice and so organised and so neat too. The price of redemption is still the same, no new in rules everything there is same as the old one.

The only new on that website is layout and looked. For me, it's easy to interact other members there now and it's so easy too to submit news there. For me, the new bubblews now is 100% ok to me and I really love new bubblews now. Heheh, I'm still blogging and bubbling even if we don't have power here.

Anyways, sorry if i don't have screenshot of here now, i don't know how to take a screenshot using my Samsung Galaxy Tab3? You guys, do you know how to take screenshot using tablet? Can you teach me? Have a blessed days to all.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Good morning guys, how's your day today? Anyways, everyone knows this earning site and also everyone is had a account there. All the members of this said site is had a reasons and purposes why they're joined and create account there. And i know, most of all members of this site all their reason is for money. We all know that this website is not just for past time only and also not just for blogging only.

We all know that on this website we can earn money via creating a account, via posting a article, via leaving a comment on other members post, and also via sharing a post in our social media accounts. And this is my reason too, i'm not shy to admit it. Money is so important to our life because without it we can't buy anything we want and also we can't survive on our daily life without money.

Anyways, i'm a member and i had account in this website a long time ago, year of 2013. But because of my busy schedule i mean because of my busy life as a fulltime mom and fulltime wife i almost forget about it and never be active again. And after a long time of not being active, i decide to visit this site again to see if what's new on this site.

And to testing if my account there is still active or not but sad to say, my account is already deleted. And because of this, i decide to create new account again and at this time my new username is "MoonPrincesS". So guys, if you have a account there and you are a member too of this site please follow me and connect to me and i will connect to you too. Let's help each other guys to earn. Connect to me and i connect to you too, leave a comment on my post and i will leave a comment on your post too, like my post and i will like your post too and share my post to your social media accounts and i will share your post too. Thank you so much in advance and have a nice day to all.