Thursday, June 12, 2014

Good morning guys, how's your day today? Anyways, everyone knows this earning site and also everyone is had a account there. All the members of this said site is had a reasons and purposes why they're joined and create account there. And i know, most of all members of this site all their reason is for money. We all know that this website is not just for past time only and also not just for blogging only.

We all know that on this website we can earn money via creating a account, via posting a article, via leaving a comment on other members post, and also via sharing a post in our social media accounts. And this is my reason too, i'm not shy to admit it. Money is so important to our life because without it we can't buy anything we want and also we can't survive on our daily life without money.

Anyways, i'm a member and i had account in this website a long time ago, year of 2013. But because of my busy schedule i mean because of my busy life as a fulltime mom and fulltime wife i almost forget about it and never be active again. And after a long time of not being active, i decide to visit this site again to see if what's new on this site.

And to testing if my account there is still active or not but sad to say, my account is already deleted. And because of this, i decide to create new account again and at this time my new username is "MoonPrincesS". So guys, if you have a account there and you are a member too of this site please follow me and connect to me and i will connect to you too. Let's help each other guys to earn. Connect to me and i connect to you too, leave a comment on my post and i will leave a comment on your post too, like my post and i will like your post too and share my post to your social media accounts and i will share your post too. Thank you so much in advance and have a nice day to all.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bad Experience Again!!!

Good evening guys, how's your day today? Hope everyone are fine and happy. Anyways, for the second (2) time i got, i mean i had another bad experience again in Smart Network. And this time, the problem i encountered and the bad service i experience now is all about on load.

Last Friday, May 02, 2014 i decide to change my sim, change to use my Smart sim again since my other sim which is other network and that sim was borrowed by my relatives and she's not here. Anyways, at this time too i load sixty (60) pesos to avail the one (1) day or twenty-four (24) hours unlimited internet surfing and the registration is successful. But when i open my internet browser to surf and to visit my blog, i cannot open it. It was blank and white page only.

I thought, it's because of the network, i mean because of the signal. That's why i decide to restart my tablet three (3) times and open and run my anti-virus to clear my tablet. And i clear my internet history even the cache but still i can't surf and i can't open and visit my blog or any site's. Until i saw the message appeared on my screen saying that "i can't open the page or the website you want to open or to see because yoy don't have enough load to access it". What? Wtf?

I was so shock when i read that message appeared on my tablet screen. What's happening on my load? And where's my 60 pesos load, wtf? I lost money again for the second time and also for the second time i wasted my money for the bad services. I hope Smart Network can do something regarding on this matter.

Sorry guys, it's so late post because of busyness i forgot to post it. Hope you understand.