Saturday, September 27, 2014

So Fast, Amazing?!?

Good morning blogging world and good morning everyone. This post of mine today is suppossed to be a blog post yesterday i mean last day but because of bad weather yesterday afternoon i decide to re-post it today.

Because of thunderstorm yesterday all my gadgets are all off even my pocket wifi. I'm so afraid on thunder that's why i always do that thing. Anyways, back to the topic of this post of mine.

I'm so happy yesterday and still amazed and still unbelievable. Last Wednesday Sept. 24, i ordered a cosmetics and a brush set on Instagram Seller and Store which is Iliketoshopbylorifrance. And as far as i remember i paid that order too at that time.

Then yesterday morning Iliketoshopbylorifrance vibed me and give the tracking number to me but i'm so shock when the parcel is arrived yesterday afternoon. Wow, a very big WOW, the transaction and the delivery service is so so fast and so great and amazing.

I don't know what i can say but JRS courier company is had a best, fast and great services. This is the service i'm loo king in a courier.

Anyways, thank you so much Lori and Frances owner of Iliketoshopbylorifrance for the fast and smooth transaction and thank you so much too to your kindness.

By the way guys, here is the item i ordered and i bought in Iliketoshopbylorifrance instagram store and seller. Thank you so much dear. All the items are both in good conditions. And also thanks to JRS company who delivered my items here at our house so fast.

Stay tuned on my review about those products. Thank you.

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