Monday, October 20, 2014

My Mother’s Favorite Food Seasoning?!?

My mother’s favorite food seasoning is Maggi Magic Sarap. Everytime she cook she never forget to add that said seasoning to all our foods. And everytime we do a grocery the first item she always looking and getting is that said products. In short guys, my mother is love it so much and her day is not complete and all the food she cooks is not complete and not yummy if this seasoning is not added.

That’s why i made this blog post of mine today about on this product because i heard on the news that this product is had a fake too and i want to be aware on that especially my mother, oh god.

Because of that i do a little research about this product if is the difference of the fake one to the original. We don’t recognize it in the first because the packaging is same the original, lol. But when you open it and you smell it you know that it was a fake.

Based on what i research, you can figured i mean you can known if the product is fake or not via test the product i mean before you used you check it first. Open the pack then smell it and and see the color. The original product is so yello and shiny and glossy while the fake product is looks like “putik” i mean the color is looks like black or should i say grayish.

Anyways, i found a picture on google to describe most the fake and the original. And here is the picture.

And i try to search it on youtube and i’m lucky to found one. Here is the video, watch and be aware guys.

Disclaimer: All the photos and videos posted here is not mine. The photo/images is from while the video is from youtube. So the images are credit to the owner and the video too.

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